the Valley



The territory of the Valle Varaita lends itself very well to stays with excursions and ski mountaineering trips. Chianale is definitely one of the best places for departures on beautiful itineraries. Below are some examples of itineraries and the possibilities for trips with different types: full day, half day or night.

There are more than 100 trips in the Valle Varaita, to be chosen according to the snow conditions, many of which start directly from our Locanda. Here are some suggestions:

  • Chianale and Pontechianale: Tre Chiosis ( 1.400 meters in altitude – exposed to the south and possibility of using the chairlift for approaching by halving the difference in height), Costa Ciabert ( 1.000 meters in altitude – exposed to the south), Cima Rossette ( 1.000 meters of difference in height – exposed to the south-east), Sella del Pic d Asti ( 1.300 meters in altitude – exposed to the south-east), Colle dell Agnello ( 1.000 meters in altitude – exposed to the east), Colle di Saint Veran and ring of the with the Blanchet ( 1.000 meters in altitude – exposed to the east and possibility of a ring with passage in France), Cima Pienasea (1.300 meters – exposed to the north)



Chianale and the Valle Varaita are considered the temple of Piedmontese cascism. This is a very rich area of waterfalls with unique and very varied characteristics. Thanks to the good exposure and the cold temperatures this natural spectacle can be kept until spring.

Our Locanda is a good starting point to reach hundreds of ice climbs and many more to discover.



The Varaita Valley is rich in peaks over three thousand meters, it borders to the north with the Po valley, to the northwest with France through the Colle dell Agnello and to the south with the Maira valley. The western headland is enclosed by the Mongioia mountains ( 3340 m), Salza ( 3326 m) and Roc de la Niera ( 3177 m).

The Varaita valley towards the west side is divided into a fan, fragmented into several side valleys, fertile ground for all types of excursions ideal for regenerating body and mind. The inn is the starting point for many more or less demanding walks. From the Brenta forest, the largest cembreta in Europe up to 3.841 m in Monviso with the south wall passing through multiple alpine lakes. These paths are almost all dominated by the silhouette of the omnipresent Monviso (Wikipedia). The villages of the upper valley have maintained over time their constructive characteristics in the structure.

An example of all is the small village of Chianale, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Locanda La Peiro Groso is a stopover point in the Valle Varaita Trekking, a -12 day stage route that runs through the valley, climbing from the south facing slope and descending from the north facing one.



Valle Varaita is one of the favorite destinations for many cycling enthusiasts. Here, cyclists often follow these paths in the footsteps of the great champions who have faced the Colle dell Agnello, Cima Coppi of many editions of the Giro d Italia. For some years it is also the passage of the Tour de France.

Get on your mtb to discover the high Valle Varaita. Over 20 itineraries to discover the wonders around the Monviso.