The Peiro Groso Inn of Chianale uses for personal ethics electricity from 100% renewable sources attested and a low emission heating system.

In a historical period in which attention to the environment has become a value recognized by consumers, more and more sensitive to environmental issues at the time of purchase choices, our company has decided to make a responsible choice, expressing its commitment to of nature.

For this reason, starting in 2016, we have signed with our energy partner “eVISOEnergie del Monviso“, the supply of ” 100% Renewable” electricity, with the Guarantee of Origin (GO) certification.

The Guarantee of Origin is an electronic certification attesting to the ” 100% Renewable” origin of energy, produced using “clean” sources such as water, wind and sun.

Ours is a step forward towards a more and more conscious culture in the use of energy resources, an ethical choice, which has the undoubted merit of contributing to the reduction of polluting emissions.

Also for the cold season, the La Peiro Groso Inn in Chianale has installed a boiler of the latest generation that uses wood logs as fuel and pellet. The same is produced in part on the spot, however, always respecting the forest and in part is purchased in the middle and lower Valle Varaita thus ensuring an economic network km 0.

The main feature of this innovative heating system is certainly zero harmful emissions.

La Peiro Groso Inn … ..a green structure for all purposes