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Twenty kilometers away from us is the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site since 2014, we can arrange out-of-town trips to visit this beautiful heritage that offers breathtaking landscapes, excellent wines!

Ski lifts in the Prato Nevoso and Artesina ski area, and Lurisia!

15 kilometers away we have the Sanctuary of Vicoforte to visit, with Europe’s largest elliptical dome housing the remains of King Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy and his consort Elena.

Just 2 kilometers away is the Grotta dei Dossi, the most colorful underground labyrinth in Italy.

Possibility of organizing trekking activities and mountain bike and e-bike routes in the mountains and valleys of Monregalese (Valle Ellero, Valle Pesio, Mondolè District).

Ability to reach major ski resorts (downhill and cross-country) such as Prato Nevoso, Artesina, Lurisia, Entracque.


The Varaita Valley is rich in peaks over 3,000 meters, but it offers hikes for all levels, from the Alevè forest, Europe’s largest cembreta, to the 3,841 m of the

The Peiro Groso is stage post of the Valle Varaita Trekking, a 12-day stage trail that runs throughout the valley, ascending from the south-facing side and descending from the north-facing side.

Below are some ideas starting directly from Chianale or the immediate vicinity for planning a trekking vacation.

  • Blue lakes

A great classic that in just 700 meters of elevation gain will take you through pine forests, scree and pastures to reach a breathtaking lake nestled among the mountains.

  • Sugar Loaf

A 3000 within everyone’s reach, thanks to the possibility of reaching the Lamb Hill by car.

  • Ring Chianale- Colle del Rastel- Fiutrusa

Wonderful little-visited route, ideal for enjoying the mountains in almost complete solitude.

  • Lanzetti- Crotto Ring

Beautiful panoramic balcony halfway up the mountainside that provides wonderful views of Lake Pontechianale and the main peaks in the area with an elevation gain and development within everyone’s reach.

  • Soustra/ Punta Losetta/ Vallanta Ring

Fairly challenging loop (about 21 km of development and 1200 of elevation gain), but the view of the west face of Viso enjoyed from the Losetta pass, often in the company of some ibex, will repay all the effort.

  • Ring of White Rock

The loop unlike the summit of White Rock is a route for everyone as long as they are somewhat trained. Two hills, a few alpine lakes and boundless pastures: this route offers breathtaking views in the presence of the area’s most severe peaks.

  • Pic d’Asti Ring

The Pic d’Asti tour is a beautiful high-altitude loop, not too strenuous because it starts already high up, from the Colle dell’Agnello road. The environment is rocky and desolate, but at the same time open and fascinating, enhanced by the beautiful Lac d’Asti that is encountered halfway along the way.

  • Bagnour Refuge

Two steps into Europe’s largest cembreta will immerse you in a ‘magical atmosphere with the intense scent of wood. Hike suitable for all with the possibility of booking a delicious meal at the hut.

  • Point Three Chiosis

An easy and scenic 3000, with the possibility of significantly reduced elevation gain by chairlift.


The Varaita Valley area lends itself very well to ski tours (there are more than 100 of them!) to be chosen according to snow conditions*.

Some of these beautiful routes start right in and around Chianale.

Here are some proposals:

  • Rossette Peak (from Chianale)
  • Ciabert Coast ( from Chianale)
  • Saddle or tour of the Pic d’Asti (from Chianale)
  • Lamb’s Hill (from Chianale)
  • Cima del Lupo (from Chianale)
  • Pic de Caramantran (from Chianale)
  • Red Rock (from Chianale)
  • Punta Tre Chiosis ( from hamlet Genzana, Pontechianale)
  • Rocca la Marchisa (from hamlet of St. Anna, Bellino)
  • Mount Cugulet- Cima Lubin (from borg. Sodani, Sampeyre)

*We are reminded of the OBLIGATION (L.D.40 28/02/21 art.26) to equip themselves with appropriate electronic signaling and search systems, shovel and snow probe, to ensure suitable rescue operation.


Chianale and the Varaita Valley are considered the temple of Piedmontese cascatism. This is an area rich in waterfalls and couloirs with unique and varied features. Due to good exposure and cold temperatures, this ice show can be preserved until spring. Below are some of the best-known waterfalls in our valley.


The Varaita Valley is a coveted destination for many two-wheel enthusiasts thanks to the presence of the Agnello Pass (2,748 meters above sea level): the second highest car pass inItaly and third highest in Europe, preceded only by the Iseran Pass and the Stelvio Pass.

The summit of the pass that separates Italy and France is about 9 kilometers and 1,000 meters of elevation gain from the Peiro Groso Inn, making it the ideal starting point to retrace the footsteps of the great champions who have tackled the Colle dell’Agnello in so many editions of the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

The upper Varaita Valley also offers numerous routes, more or less challenging, for MTB enthusiasts.

It is no coincidence that since 2019 the valley has been hosting the
a multi-day stage competition that attracts athletes from around the world each year.

Below are some ideas for discovering the wonders around Monviso on your MTB.